Our company

Eurolyo, contract drying expert since 1995 in Chartres France.

Based in Chartres, in the heart of the Cosmetic Valley, EUROLYO has specialised in contract lyophilisation (contract drying) since 1995. Mr Decourtye and his skilled and reactive team have managed the company since 2012.

 Our company’s core business is contract drying. This process dehydrates a material by freezing it and allowing the frozen water in the material to directly sublimate from a solid into a gas. This process keeps your product intact, extends its shelf life, and reduces its weight while maintaining its active properties.

We provide expertise, support, structure, and services required by our customers wishing to outsource freeze drying. We guarantee a high level of quality while respecting costs and delivery schedules.

“Contract drying, our core business”

 We can provide you with innovative solutions for your products that respect your most demanding quality requirements.

EUROLYO gives real meaning to quality commitment: protection of products, anticipation of customer requirements, customer satisfaction, quality management system, eco-attitude, and certification all contribute to our company’s dedication to quality. In addition, to preserve the quality of your products we handle them in a controlled ISO 7 atmosphere.

Our freeze drying process is used in a number of industries :

  • Pharmaceutics (Medical products, etc )
  • Cosmetics (Raw and plant-based materials, etc )
  • Food processing (Delicatessen, premium products, etc)
  • Parapharmaceutics (food supplements, etc)
  • Diverse samples (animal, human, nature, etc)

 We strive to adapt our methodology to the standards of the various industries with which we work to meet constantly evolving regulations.

 Our high level of expertise and quality allow us to provide comprehensive management of your freeze-drying project.

Please contact us to find out more about our range of services.

EUROLYO is committed to becoming your freeze-drying partner.