Eurolyo, a high level of quality for your freeze drying needs.

 Quality is essential in the field of freeze drying and it is more than just a regulatory requirement; it is a matter of values and ethics.

To guarantee a high level of quality to our customers, we implement stricts and rigourous procedures in every step of the freeze drying process.

Quality commitment :

  • Analysis of the customer needs
  • Delivery in compliance with the schedule
  • Traceability of each operations during the process
  • Implementation of preventive maintenance operations to improve reactivity.

Compliance with the specifications, procedures and instructions of our customers.

Controlled freeze drying :

Our freeze-dryers are operated by monitoring software securing the critical parameters during the cycle. Therefore, the freeze-drying cycle is closely controlled. Our maintenance team is ready to intervene 24/7 in case of failure. This team is also in charge of monitoring process parameters during week-ends and public holidays.

We implemented the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) in 2013 to respect this quality commitment. Our quality management system also complies with ISO 9001 and BPF norms.

We are also certified by Ecocert for organic farming and natural and organic cosmetics.

In addition, our services are:

  • 1. labeled Organic Agriculture
  • 2. controlled by Ecocert and Ecocert Greenlife
  • 3. carried out as part of the certification biological and ecological Cosmetics


Our quality charter :

At EUROLYO, we undertake to :

  • Being proactive by listening to your expectations and needs.
  • Respect your product’s specific measurements.
  • Comply with the schedule established when the order was placed
  • Inform of any failure that could impact the quality of your product.
  • Inform you of changes that could impact on the quality of your product.
  • Answer all your questions during inspections or audits