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Located in Chartres, in the heart of the Cosmetic Valley, Eurolyo has been specialising in customised freeze-drying since 1995.

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Our core business

Freeze-drying is a cold drying technique which consists in extracting water from a product to make it stable and easier to handle, as well as to extend its shelf life.

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fields of application

A drying process for all kinds of applications


Freeze-drying of active ingredients, and surface-active and masking agents
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Diagnostic reagents

In tubes, 96-well plates, strips, etc.

Nutrition and animal health

Extraction of water from various pet supplies

Food supplement

Freeze-drying of ingredients to be used in food supplement formulations


Freeze-drying of frozen, liquid and semi-liquid meals, and even, ready-made meals, fruits and vegetables
All applications
quality, safety and traceability
Procedures and certifications


Quality is more than just a statutory requirement; it is also a question of adhering to ethical standards on a daily basis.
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The quality of Eurolyo's products and service is reflected in various certifications.
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other services

A comprehensive service

Our main objective is to provide a complete service, which has led us to develop additional services in the area of freeze-drying.
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