The company

Our values

Customised freeze-drying has become the main area of expertise and the core business activity of Eurolyo, a company founded in 1995. Based in Chartres, in the heart of the Cosmetic Valley, Eurolyo is a company on a human scale with a reactive and skilled team working on relationships founded on the expertise and trust of its clients.
Our expertise
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Our main objective is to provide clients with the service they need in an efficient manner while also respecting the quality charter, costs and deadlines.
Thanks to our core business activity, we are able to process many types of products that meet the needs of the cosmetics, nutraceutical, agri-food and diagnostic reagent industries.

Eurolyo production unit includes : 2 crushers, 1 sieve and 9 freeze-dryers of various capacities (capacity going from 1 to 200 kg). Those tools operate 24/7. Working zone is ISO 7, allowing service delivery under controlled atmosphere.
The group

Groupe Berkem

A subsidiary of Groupe Berkem since early 2018, Eurolyo supplements the group's business skills, bringing its expertise on freeze-drying, a process of dehydration by cold without degrading the product.
Groupe Berkem
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