Freeze-drying allows better preservation and easier transport of cosmetic products.
Freeze-drying is a process which allows various products to be dehydrated under vacuum at low temperature. This drying technique, which involves removing water from the organic compound by freezing, allows all properties to be preserved while considerably reducing water content. Freeze-drying results in dehydrated products with low moisture content (between 1 and 2%), which makes these organic compounds less susceptible to decomposition.  In other words, freeze-drying preserves the useful molecules present in the product while making long-term storage possible. Eurolyo, a specialist in freeze-drying, makes it possible to improve the stability and preservation of cosmetic products through the freeze-drying process. So, freeze-drying plant extracts, algae, surfactants, pigments and polymers makes them last longer while preserving their properties. Eurolyo is able to process cosmetic ingredients in liquid, paste or solid form. Freeze-drying is a process which is particularly well-suited to heat-sensitive products; since low temperatures are used for drying, the product properties are unaffected, while preservation is improved and lasts longer. Freeze-drying in the field of cosmetics makes it possible to preserve the natural qualities of the ingredients while making them last longer.

Project-specific support in the field of freeze-drying and cosmetics

As each project has its own specific needs, our scientific and regulatory teams make their expertise available to provide technical support throughout every stage of the project. Eurolyo's teams provide individual support through project-specific monitoring, from defining the scope through to delivery.
La lyophilisation dans le domaine de la cosmétique
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