Diagnostic reagents

Freeze-drying improves the stability of diagnostic reagents.
Freeze-drying is a drying process used to remove water from products. Since low temperatures are used for drying, fragile substances can be processed and preserved which otherwise might become denatured in contact with heat. This process is particularly suitable for extending the shelf life of sensitive products, such as diagnostic reagents. Freeze-drying allows the properties of potentially labile or reactive molecules to be controlled, by making the reagents more stable. Eurolyo, specialists in contract freeze-drying, provide this service in particular for in-vitro testing, and for diagnostic tests in the field of agronomy, serums and bacteria such as probiotics. Thus, freeze-drying reagents makes sense, as it allows better preservation of the reagents, while retaining their properties. Eurolyo's teams use various techniques to ensure the best possible preservation of the molecules present as well as the reagent shelf life: Eurolyo vacuum seals the product. This is an important step, as its purpose is to remove as much oxygen as possible from the product so that it can be preserved even longer. It is also possible to use a nitrogen flow while freeze-drying the reagent. This technique involves expelling the air present within the reagent and replacing it with nitrogen. This technique further extends the reagent shelf life. Eurolyo has the capacity to crimp the flasks. This is necessary to protect the container by sealing the flask, thus protecting the freeze-dried reagent from leakage or contamination during transport and storage.  

Project-specific support in the field of freeze-drying diagnostic reagents

As each project has its own specific needs, our scientific and regulatory teams make their expertise available to provide technical support throughout every stage of the project. Eurolyo's teams provide individual support through project-specific monitoring, from defining the scope through to delivery.
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