Food industry

In the food industry, freeze-drying allows dehydration while preserving product nutritional and taste qualities.
Freeze-drying is a process which can be applied to all food products. Long reserved for transporting vaccines and then as a way of storing food for astronauts on space missions, freeze-drying has now become widespread. It is a method of cold preservation which involves freezing food and then dehydrating it to remove water. This process allows delicate ingredients to be processed whilst bringing many benefits. First of all, when food is freeze-dried, it retains its flavour properties intact. As well as preserving the taste of the food, freeze-drying does not alter the product by hardening or making it darker, for example. In other words, the appearance, texture, taste and nutritional value of the product are preserved. The other major benefit of freeze-drying is that it allows for significantly longer shelf life compared to the basic fresh product. Finally, freeze-dried products save a lot of space. For instance, some food such as fruit and vegetables can be more than 80% water. When these products are freeze-dried, it becomes easier to store and transport them. Eurolyo, specialists in freeze-drying, offer freeze-drying for a wide variety of products in the food industry. These include ready meals, fruit, vegetables, truffles, mushrooms and caviar. Eurolyo is able to freeze-dry products with high added value while preserving their nutritional and taste qualities. Eurolyo also uses its freeze-drying technology on liquid and semi-liquid food that has previously been frozen.

Freeze-drying in the food industry: project-specific support

As each project has its own specific needs, our technical and regulatory teams make their expertise available to provide technical support throughout every stage of the project. Eurolyo's teams provide individual support through project-specific monitoring, from defining the scope through to delivery.
Lyophilisation dans l'agroalimentaire
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