Food supplements

Freeze-drying allows better preservation and easier transport of ingredients for food supplements.
Freeze-drying is a method which has proven particularly effective in preserving various products in areas including cosmetics, food industry and animal nutrition. This process is also effective for food supplements. This is because, since this drying technique is carried out at low temperatures, heat-sensitive ingredients such as food supplements retain their organoleptic properties. In addition, freeze-drying food supplements allows the performance of the active ingredients to be preserved while making them last better for longer. Eurolyo, specialists in freeze-drying, are able to freeze-dry a wide variety of food supplements. These include:

  • Probiotics, which are living micro-organisms occurring naturally in the body. These are involved in a variety of functions, including aiding digestion and boosting the immune system.

  • Active ingredients are active plant-based substances which have beneficial properties for health. Active ingredients can be freeze-dried in many forms: vitamins, minerals, plants, algae, vegetables, fruit, etc.

  • Marine plants are a source of many benefits, thanks to their high concentration of minerals. They contain a wide variety of nutrients and phyto-nutrients which are beneficial to health, including iron, sodium, iodine, calcium and potassium.

  • Natural enzymes enable complex molecules to be transformed into simple molecules which, for example, helps people’s digestion.
Eurolyo has a long history of experience in freeze-drying for the food supplement industry, and therefore knows all about particle sizing in pharmaceutical manufacture.

Project-specific support in the field of freeze-drying food supplements

As each project has its own specific needs, our technical and regulatory teams make their expertise available to provide technical support throughout every stage of the project. Eurolyo's teams provide individual support through project-specific monitoring, from defining the scope through to delivery.
lyophilisation dans les compléments alimentaires
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