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Groupe Berkem has been an innovative, reactive and efficient SME since 1964, with various missions centred around core business activities :
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Berkem specialises in plant extraction. Our company targets the high value-added cosmetics and agri-food industries, which we support through the supply of natural active ingredients extracted from plant materials for formulation purposes.

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Adkalis produces, supplies and distributes preservative solutions that increase the performance of materials in construction, especially wood, by improving their durability. These product ranges are intended for more technical markets such as wood processing (for example sawyers, carpenters and joiners) and construction (buildings and maintenance & renovation).

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Eurolyo has been specialising in freeze-drying since 1995. This process extracts water from products through sublimation, a technique carried out at a very low temperature and under a vacuum. It can therefore be adapted to many sectors, including the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agri-food industries, thereby preserving the intrinsic characteristics of products, and, in turn, increasing their shelf life and facilitating their transport and storage.

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Since 1960, Lixol has been producing industrial resins and derivatives for the paint, construction, wood treatment and ink industries at its site in Gironde. The company specialises in the production of resins known as ‘alkyds,’ which are made from plant oils, various raw materials derived from organic chemistry and petroleum solvents.

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Our story

Key dates in Groupe Berkem's history

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  • Creation of Sarpap, Société d’Application et de Recherches de Produits Anti-Parasitaires.
  • Creation of Sarpap’s analysis and control laboratory, and a laboratory for the development of plant extracts.
Logo Berkem blanc
    • Creation of Berkem SA, a company specialising in plant extraction.


  • Creation of the Quality Assurance department
  • ISO 9001 certification obtained.
  • Berkem SA and Sarpap merge. Berkem SA remains.
Logo SARPAP&CECIL-industries BLANC
  • Acquisition of Cecil Industrie’s wood treatment and termite prevention business, Termifilm. Sarpap becomes Sarpap & Cecil Industries.
  • Berkem Extraction becomes eligible for the Research Tax Credit to support the development projects of its clients or institutions.
  • ISO 22000 (food safety) certification obtained.
  • Evaluation according to ISO 26 000 guidelines.
  • Relocation of Groupe Berkem’s administrative services and the sales, regulatory, R&D and communication/marketing services of the Formulation Division to Blanquefort
Logo Groupe Berkem
  • Acquisition by Groupe Berkem of Lixol, a manufacturer of resins for the paint, construction, wood treatment and ink industries.


    • Acquisition of Xylophène Industrie’s activity by Groupe Berkem’s Formulation Division to strengthen its own commercial activities and know-how.


    • The subsidiaries of Groupe Berkem’s Formulation Division (Sarpap & Cecil Industries and S;C Construction) merge to create a single entity called ADKALIS.


  • Launch of the ADKALIS range of bio-based wood protection solutions.
Logo Eurolyo blanc
  • Acquisition of Eurolyo, a company specialising in freeze-drying techniques for many sectors, including the agri-food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. This acquisition adds to the Group’s already growing expertise in customised solutions.
    • Launch of LIXOL’s eco-responsible approach.


  • Creation of the BERKEM BIOSOLUTIONS department, which is dedicated to the development of innovative plant-based solutions.
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